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Hello, friend today I am going to introduce the privacy policy of my website(
If any person visits my website then he always follows the privacy policy of this site or If any person who can not follow the privacy policy of this website then I have a right to block a user.

What information Share on this website

  • We share information on Chhath Puja based on Wikipedia and Real-life experience.
  • Information on top Chhath Geet on youtube.
  • Information on items that are required in Chhath Puja.
  • We provide pre-made Chhath wishes for Whatsapp.
  • We also provide information about chhath Samagri.

How can you use

  • Any person here did not allow to comment wrong word or abuse word.
  • If you have any questions or queries about Chhath Puja you please ask a question on the comment section.
  • If you have any problem with my website you please contact me directly in contact us page.
Third-Party Links

we also provide backlinks to a genuine website. we provide links in form of comment links, post links, page links, etc. Comment linking is free on this website but other links like post links or page links are not free.

Cookies of  This Website

Cookies are the smallest part of the website which is saved on your browser. As a result, the website will open very fast and use a very less amount of internet. we did not use these features currently but we use in the future.

Change of Privacy Policy

We may change our website Privacy Policy as per the need. If we change the Privacy policy then we inform you by through the notification.
All Rights Reserved By Owner

I have a right to delete a comment, post or any this from this website. All the think which is used on this website is my property or copyrighted by me (Sankalp Singh)

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